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  • Lynn

The Most Expensive Cheese in the World Is...

pule donkey cheese! Costing a whopping $600/pound, pule is made by only one farm in Serbia.

Pule is very labor-intensive to make and requires 6-and-a-half gallons of donkey milk to make just 1 kilogram of cheese. According to Business Insider, "There's only one place in the world that makes it, and that's on this farm in the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve. Slobodan Simić founded the reserve 24 years ago in Serbia. It's one of just three areas in all of former Yugoslavia that protects a special endangered breed of Balkan donkey. Pule is made with 60% donkey milk and 40% goat milk, and it requires months and many donkeys to produce it."

Pule is said to have a similar flavor to Spanish Manchego. It has a semi-soft, crumbly texture and a bright white color. Unfortunately, the only place that one can buy this cheese is directly from the farm in Serbia.


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