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The Most Expensive Cheeses in the World!

So you're a cheese lover looking to broaden your cheese horizon? Let's dive in on some of the world's most expensive cheeses. Be patient, I saved the most intriguing and expensive cheese for last!

Starting with a cheese that won't break the bank too much! Lord of the Hundreds, which is $20 per pound, comes from East Sussex, England. Made from local sheep's milk, this cheese is rustic with a slightly dry, sharp, and nutty flavor.

Lord of the Hundreds: $20/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

Winnimere, a creamy, gooey, and soft cheese that originates in the state of Vermont, sells for $30 per pound. As part of tradition, this cheese is only made during the winter months, so be sure to stock up!

Winnimere: $30/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

Rogue River Blue Cheese originates from the state of Oregon and was first made by a guy named Tom Vella who opened a creamery in Southern Oregon during the Depression. This firm textured cheese with hazelnut and fruity flavors sells for $40 per pound!

Rogue River Blue: $40/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

Jersey Blue is a juicy, award-winning cheese that was first made by Willi Schmid in Switzerland. Even though this cheese has an American sounding name, it's actually a Swiss cheese that was named after the breed of cow whose milk it's made from. Upon first glance you just know this cheese is a piece of art! Jersey Blue sells for $45 per pound.

Jersey Blue: $45/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

China has some of the most expensive and oldest cheeses! Extra Old Bitto cheese was made by a Hong Kong importer in 1997. It is aged for up to 10 years and sells for $150 per pound!

Extra Old Bitto Cheese: $150/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

Good ol' cheddar cheese, so versatile and traditional! Wyke Farms Cheddar was made in 1861 by the Wyke Farms family in Great Britain. This award-winning cheese sells for $200 per pound!

Wyke Family Farms Cheddar: $200/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

White Stilton Gold which sells for $420 per pound, is actually the cousin to the famous blue cheese from Britain but is extra creamy and deliciously tangy! This cheese is often made with different fruit flavors such as lemon, ginger, apricots, and many other combos.

White Stilton Gold: $420/pound Image Via Spoon University's Website

Last but not least expensive, we have the Pule cheese selling for $600 per pound! What makes this cheese so expensive is that it comes from the milk of a Balkan donkey from Siberia. Not only is it the most expensive cheese, it is also one of the rarest of them all! It takes 25 liters of the donkey's milk to make just one kilogram of cheese. Although originally from Siberia, soon this Pule Cheese will make it's way around the world!

Pule Cheese: $600/pound Image Via: All Time Lists Website

Now reach out to your fellow cheese connoisseurs, split the cost, and enjoy yourselves one of the most expensive cheese tasting parties!

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