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The Origin of the Cronut

Have you ever tasted the game-changing, delicious experience that is The Cronut?

I mean - just look at this decadent creation.

The cronut was born out of Dominique Ansel's realization that his bakery didn't have the one staple everyone else did - a donut! As it turns out, marrying the shape of a donut with the dough of a croissant to create the cronut wasn't as simple as it looked. It took Ansel 3 months and experimenting with more than 10 recipes before he was happy with the recipe he uses today.

"I think about something I want to make, analyze the recipe, and then test it from a recipe I have or one I make up myself. I tweak it day after day, and test it every day. I test it 60 or 70 times before I get something I like, and we still tweak it after we launch," Ansel told The Village Voice back in 2013 via WebArchive.

Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City has the all-time greatest cronuts! Every day, the cronut output at Dominique Ansel Bakery hovers at 500 to 600. However, the cronut making process hasn't really evolved to become a more efficient one. It still takes 3 days - from start to finish - to prepare everything from the ganache and the pastry dough (day 1) to the laminating process (day 2), and then the cutting and frying (day 3).

Oh, but it really is worth it!

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