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The Secret to Grilling Juicy Meat

There are two types of grilling people: those who believe there is a grilling season, and those who believe that it is always grilling season. The latter have no need of assistance in their grilling experience. As for the rest of us, grilling season starts once the weather makes cooking outdoors a pleasurable experience, so we could a use few helpful tips and tricks!

There are typically two common problems with grilling: the sneaky dog stealing your cheeseburger, and your meat isn't mouthwateringly juicy enough. We can't help you with the burger thief, but we do know the key to grilling up juicy meat every time is simple - as long as you remember to do this one thing first!

Brine lean meat for a juicier result.

Brining, the process of marinating meat in a saltwater solution, is particularly helpful before grilling lean cuts of meat like chicken breast and pork tenderloin. A brine enhances the flavor of meat, but most importantly it adds and preserves moisture. It's the best way to keep lean meats juicy when they come off the grill and helps prevent overcooking. Even just as little as 30 minutes of brining will make a difference. However, if you really plan ahead, meat can soak in a mild brine for 8-12 hours, making it even juicier than you can imagine!

The best part about this juicy tip? Brining is so simple and doesn't actually require a recipe! All you need to know is the correct ratio of salt to water. The basic ratio for a brine is one tablespoon of salt per one cup of water. Just be sure to use enough liquid to cover the meat. Depending on the size, four to six cups of liquid should be sufficient.

Just because you don't see this tip listed out in most grilling recipes, doesn't mean you should leave it out. Go ahead and include it anyway! No matter the recipe, a quick brine is beneficial to the texture and flavor of the meat, especially when you add your own dash of seasoning and spice.


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