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  • Lynn

The Strange Weight Loss Meal That Has Gone Viral Online

There is a new unexpected weight loss diet sweeping TikTok: chicken apple sausage with raw vegetables, mustard and cottage cheese.

TikTok influencer Tiffany Magee has recently blown up after posting videos of herself eating this bizarre meal. She has stated that by exclusively eating this meal, she has shed more than 80lbs. She created this meal plan after being diagnosed with Lyme disease, which greatly limited her food options.

The meal is simple: chicken apple sausage, various crunchy raw vegetables, and hearts of palm, all dipped in mustard and cottage cheese. Something about the crunch of the veggies and the cheese-like texture of the hearts of palms is so satisfying, that it's lead to dozens of TikTok users recreating the meal.

The comments have begun to pour in of viewers saying that they've already lost weight by eating Tiffany's meal and have experienced more energy and liveliness. Better yet, it is incredibly easily to prepare and the only cooking that is required is that of the chicken sausage. Would you try this?


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