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The Strange Yet Delicious Combo of Diet Coke, Lemon, & Espresso

This summer, social media users are raving about a new, bubbly blend of diet coke and espresso. Although mixing cola and espresso isn't new, this 'new' version calls specifically for diet coke. The marriage of diet coke and lemon espresso might sound like an unconventional match, but sometimes, the most exciting flavor combinations emerge from the unexpected.

TikTok content creator Joe Hegyes (@bequietjoe) shared a video of himself making the drink on May 24, which has since received over 407,000 views.

He calls the diet coke and espresso combo the "perfect post-dinner beverage," and commenters agree:

  • “I’ve been having Coke Americanos for ten years and I’m TOTALLY fine”

  • “I’m gonna cry if i don’t get to drink this expeditiously”

  • “trying this IMMEDIATELY”

Diet coke does have a lot of caffeine in it, so if you do indulge in this beverage combo be prepared for that extra kick of energy!

How to Make the Diet Coke Lemon Espresso

This is a very simple recipe that requires minimal ingredients. All you need is Diet Coke, any espresso you like, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

In a glass, add ice and fill 3/4 of it up with Diet Coke. Then, fill the remainder of the cup with espresso and squeeze the juice from one lemon wedge on top, garnishing with a lemon wedge. Mix well and enjoy!


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