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The Truth About Food Served in Antarctica

Living in the United States, it's easy to take for granted how fresh our food is. Yes, we do still have a lot of processed foods, but in general the products we have available to us are relatively fresh. Especially if you live close to a dairy farm or local market.

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to only eat food that has been labeled as "expired?"

If you ever travel to Antarctica, then this might be a reality you'll have to adjust to.

TikTok account @pbsterra explores different countries and cultures, making content about science, the planet, food, and pretty much everything!

For this video, they traveled to Antarctica, the southern most continent in the world and also the fifth largest.

People living in Antarctica do not have the same amount of access to fresh food as we do in the United States, such as cheese, it is considered expired. However, there is a way around these expiration dates...

When you freeze food, it automatically slows down the biological activity that makes food spoil. So, in Antarctica they have to make sure food is frozen, otherwise it will go to waste. Food may be expired down there, but its edible! You just have to make sure it stays cold, which, for Antarctica, is no problem!


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