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The Ultimate Cheese & Burger Pairing Guide

Ahh the classic barbeque staple, cheese and burgers. But how do you pick the best cheese to create a truly unique and delicious burger experience?

Let's be honest, not all cheese is burger-able. The right cheeseburger cheese has three requirements:

  1. It has to taste good on a burger.

  2. It has to melt. This is key. Not all cheese melts the same.

  3. It has to melt correctly. Not too oily, not too liquid. It should flow, not run. Gooey is the goal.

Nothing gets cheddar than this... Today, you learn how to choose the perfect cheese for your burgers!

Blue Cheese

Sometimes it takes a little funk on your burger to get your tastebuds dancing.

Blue cheese is a less common burger cheese but one of the most flavorful. You have to be aware of how much blue cheese you put on a burger because it can easily overpower other ingredients.

Blue cheese pairs excellently with bacon, mushrooms, and onions. You can also add a sweet element like jam to offset the strong, funky taste of blue cheese.

Create the ultimate blue burger by mixing crumbled blue cheese into the patty or making a stuffed burger!

Rogue Creamery’s Oregon Blue or Smokey Blue cheeses are more moderate in their “blue” flavor, and don’t overwhelm the taste of the beef.

This rustic recipe from Half Baked Harvest uses crispy, charred elements along with strong cheese and a boozy sauce for a perfect balance of black and blue.


Gouda, especially smoked gouda, is a great way to enhance that smokey, barbeque flavor.

This cheese from the Netherlands is quite creamy and sweet, with a yellow color. It doesn’t melt as quickly as some other cheeses on this list, but it’s quite worth the wait when it does melt!

Whitney Bond showcases gouda with this award-winning coffee-crusted cheeseburger topped with almonds and mushrooms.


Cheddar is surely one of the strong contenders to be the best cheese for burgers. It adds just the right amount of salt and ooey-gooey goodness to your burger. It’s quite popular worldwide and primarily used for this purpose.

This classic pick gives your burger a sharper, bolder flavor (bonus points if it's aged white cheddar).

It melts easily and super quickly - we all know that melted cheese on burgers is what we all seek. This tangy, nutty, sharp yet sweet cheese is perfect for complimenting beef burgers.

Monterey Jack

If you prefer mixing burgers with sweet ingredients like BBQ sauce or pineapples, then this is the perfect cheese to match!

Monterey Jack has some sweetness in its overall simple flavor, making it the perfect pairing for this type of burger. It won't disrupt the beef and it works with the rest of the sweet ingredients to create an ideal balance.

Check out this delicious Big Kahuna Burger with Monterey jack cheese!

Pepper Jack

Pepper jack melts like cheddar cheese but has a much bigger, spicy flavor. You might see pepper jack cheese on a Mexican-style burger with ingredients like guacamole because of the heat level it adds. If you enjoy spice, zest, and mild heat, put pepper jack on your burger!

Give your burger a kick with this southwest-style recipe from Blogging Over Thyme.


The Swiss sure know how to do their fondues, so it makes sense to top a burger with the same stuff that you use in ooey-gooey dipping heaven!

This distinct cheese can taste bitter compared to cheddar or American but it's great for a bacon burger or any other burger with a spicy element like jalapenos. Its mild flavor makes it a great cheese to pair with bold toppings.


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