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The World's First Ever Cheeze-It Gas Station

Along the highway in Joshua Tree, California, road trippers and locals might spot something a little different in town...

An old gas station has been completely transformed and converted into a Cheez-it Stop, the world's first and only Cheez-It gas station complete with a gas pump that literally fills your car full of Cheez-It crackers!

The giant Cheez-It cracker sticking out of the roof of the building is hard to miss - located about an hour outside of Palm Springs it can be seen from miles away.

Not only can this cheesy pit stop fill up your car and stomach with snacks, but the interior of the outpost has unique displays and visuals, specialty Cheez-It flavors, and merchandise that is exclusive to the Cheez-It Stop.

You'll know you're getting close when you see the building-height cowboy holding a gas pump with the Cheez-It logo on it!

Visitors are encouraged to hit the free Cheez-It pump but also to come inside and shop the aisles, as well as take photos with the designed-for-Instagram displays.

"We created this brand-first desert outpost to capture the excitement of summer road trips and encourage fans who Want It. Need It. Cheez-It. to fuel up throughout their adventures," states Erin Storm, brand senior director for Cheez-It - according to an article by Tasting Table.

The Cheez-It Stop will be open for visitors from June 5-11, during the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. You can find it in the California desert at 61943 Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, just a few hours from Los Angeles.


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