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This Cheese Producer is Attempting to Beat a Crazy World Record...

Jacks Cheese, a specialty cheese producer from Holland, is celebrating its hometown's 650th anniversary in an epic way: attempting to create the world's biggest cheese plate!

Known for its cheese, the city of Woerden in the Netherlands is celebrating its 650th birthday in 2022. Together, with cheese businesses located in Woerden, Jacks Cheese is attempting a new world record title for biggest cheese plate ever on Friday, September 23rd. The cheese plate is going to contain more than 150 Dutch cheese varieties and weigh over 5,500 pounds!

You can follow Jacks Cheese on Facebook and Instagram for updates about the giant cheese board. We will also update this post when images or more information about the record attempt is available.

Jacks Cheese is known for their wildly flavored Dutch cheeses. From Strawberry Coconut to Wasabi, Jacks Cheese has a flavor for everyone. Check out the plentiful assortment here.

UPDATE 10/7/22: Jacks Cheese successfully beat the world record by crafting a cheese board that is 42.7 feet long, and weighs a whopping 5987.75 pounds! The cheese board contains 175 different varieties of cheese.


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