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  • Lynn

This Cheesy Twist on an Espresso Martini Is Going Viral...

Many social media users were shocked when they saw the newest viral cocktail trend: parmesan espresso martinis. While the combination may seem random (and disgusting), it is quite the opposite. According to Food & Wine writer Tyler Zielinski in an April 3, 2023 article, "sprinkling microplaned parmesan cheese atop an Espresso Martini may seem like pure chaos, but it is, in fact... a quintessential example of umami from the cheese balancing the bitterness of coffee."

A February 14th Instagram post by cocktail maker and beverage photographer Jordan Hughes is what propelled this unorthodox cocktail into the spotlight. There were many sceptics in the comments, but also many people eager to try the cheesy and caffeinated cocktail. If you're part of the ladder group, try this recipe out!


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