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  • Lynn

This Common Food Can Be Used To Erase Pencil Marks

Bread is a versatile staple in many cultures, serving as a vessel for spreads, a companion to hearty soups, or a simple snack with butter and jam. However, there's one use for bread that may surprise you: erasing pencil marks. Yes, you read that right - bread can double as an eraser in a pinch!

Slices of white bread.

The idea of using bread as an eraser might seem strange at first, but it has a long history, especially in the realm of art. Artists and illustrators have often turned to this edible eraser when they needed to delicately remove pencil marks from their works without damaging the paper or leaving residue.

Simply take a small, soft, fresh piece of white bread and roll it into a ball. With the bread ball in hand, lightly press it over the pencil mark you want to erase. You'll notice that the bread picks up the graphite as it adheres to its soft texture. Bread is often more gentle on paper than abrasive erasers, making it an excellent choice for delicate artwork.

So next time you're in a bind and need to erase pencil marks, consider reaching for a piece of bread—it just might do the trick!


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