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This Dish Can Kill You if Prepared Incorrectly!

Japanese Pufferfish have a lethal poison called tetrodotoxin in their organs. Tetrodotoxin is a a sodium channel blocker, which paralyzes the diner's muscles and leads to asphyxiation. Chefs who prepare Japanese pufferfish must be specially licensed--they must be highly skilled in removing the toxic parts of the fish without contaminating the meat. Most Fugu deaths occur in those trying to prepare the dish at home.

Despite the risks, Fugu is one of the most celebrated dishes in Japanese cuisine. There are many ways to enjoy it, the most popular being Fugu Sashimi (paper-thin slices of raw Fugu) and Fugu Nabemono (hot pot with raw Fugu meant to be cooked in the boiling broth).

Fugu sashimi
Fugu Sashimi


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