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This Hack for Perfect Corn on the Cob is a Sight to See!

Before you cook your next batch of corn, consider trying out this interesting method. It's super simple and exceptionally delicious!

TikTok content creator @scottfreda shares his fresh approach for making this summer favorite. This easy technique definitely caught my attention - It just makes sense!

This clever hack is much more efficient than boiling water. Instead of getting those big, bloated kernels, we will have tender flavorful bites.

This marvelous process softens and caramelizes the kernels simultaneously. Using a frying pan, that appears to have some grease, he adds four ears of corn. Then he shakes them around a bit and places the lid on top. He adds half a cup of water, shakes them once more, and covers them with the lid again. After a few more good shakes, he removes them from the pan looking absolutely fabulous!

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