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  • Lynn

This is America's Favorite Halloween Candy

As a former child, you know that Halloween candy is serious business. Everyone has a type of candy that they dig through bowls for while trick or treating. But, how does your favorite rank among the most popular types?

According to the National Retail Federation, it is predicted that Americans will spend $3.1 Billion on candy this Halloween--a new record. The average spend per person per Halloween is $27.55. analyzed 15 years (2007-2021) of Halloween candy sales data and have determined that the most popular Halloween candy is...

Reese's Cups! Created in the 1920s by H.B. Reese, this classic candy has a cult following. Creamy peanut butter enrobed in silky milk chocolate--what could be better? With all of Reese's Halloween marketing, it has become symbolic of trick or treating for many.

Check out the chart below to see how your favorite candy compares.


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