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Tito's Wants You to Have a Cocktail with Your Dog for a Good Cause

An evening spent with your pup is already awesome, but add a cocktail to that mix, and it's darn near perfection. Titos created a bottle holding fanny pack so you can drink responsibly on your dog walks!

Tito's Vodka has long been a lover of man's best friend. It created Tito's Vodka For Dog People, a dog rescue program and the company's charitable program that supports animal focused nonprofits.

The brand has announced it is partnering with Bissell Pet Foundation to launch a merch collection so you can readily make a cocktail wherever you are with your pup! Also, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the goods will be donated to Bissell Pet Foundation.

“The Walktail Capsule Collection,” was inspired by long walks with our four-legged friends. The collection includes the Tito’s Walk-Pack($45), a fanny pack that comes with a holder for “the go-to walktail vessel,” which happens to be a Tito’s Walk & Sip YETI Rambler Lowball ($30). The fanny pack also has plenty of storage space for mini Tito’s bottles (which are not included) or those all-important poop bags.

Though the campaign encourages people to take their cocktails on the go, it may be a good idea to enjoy them in your yard, or once you're back from a walk instead, as walking around with an adult beverage is illegal in most places throughout the U.S.


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