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Tootsie Rolls Were Used In Battle!

Believe it or not - Tootsie Rolls hold significance with the Marine Corps- but why?

According to the MCCS website's article, During the Korean War, the First Marine Division met the enemy at Chosin mountain reservoir in subfreezing temperatures. Out of ammunition, Marines called in for 60mm mortar ammo; code name "Tootsie Rolls." The radio operator did not have the code sheets that would indicate what a "Tootsie Roll" was, but knew the request was urgent; so, he called in the order.

If you can imagine, pallets of Tootsie Roll candies parachuted from the sky to the First Marine Division like rain! While they were not ammunition, this candy from the sky provided well needed nourishment for the troops. They also learned they could use warmed Tootsie Rolls to plug bullet holes, sealing them as they refroze.

By the end of the battle, many credited their survival to Tootsie Rolls! So, next time you pop a delicious Tootsie Roll in your mouth, think of the ways it saved lives!


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