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Top Your Coffee Off with Cheese Foam for a Savory Kick

Scooch over Coffee Mate and Dunkin' coffee creamers, there's a new dairy in the game that's going to give your morning cup a sweet and savory kick: cream cheese foam.

Cream cheese is not just for your bagel. If you are a coffee lover who needs a little something to cut the bitterness, cream cheese foam can do just that with a tangy twist. While cream cheese foam seems like an odd pairing with coffee, cheese and coffee are not a new combo.

In Scandinavia, kaffeost, which is basically coffee with cubes of bread cheese made from the milk of reindeer, is a very common drink. The cubes of cheese soak up the coffee flavors while imparting some of their own into the warm beverage. Cream cheese foam has a similar effect.

Cold or Hot?

Grab your container of your favorite cream cheese and combine it with your handheld mixer to give it a smooth and creamy texture. Add a little sugar or sweetener of your choice, and then whip in some heavy cream and milk to transform it into a light, foamy cream to pour into your coffee until it dissolves. The sweet, acidic, and nutty flavors work in either hot or cold coffee.

Not a fan of sweet? You can leave the sugar out altogether and use a dash of salt instead. This is similar to Taiwanese cheese tea, but that little touch of salt in your cream cheese foam will soften the flavor of your coffee and provide a savory kick.

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