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Traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is known to the Irish as an annual Christian feast celebrating the patron saint of Emerald Isle. To most people in the U.S and around the globe, who may or may not have Irish ancestry, March 17 is a time to party! For those who enjoy the holiday at home, preparing a feast of St. Patrick's Day recipes is a must!

Whether you're craving authentic Irish food like corned beef and cabbage or simply looking for ways you can cook (or bake) something green, I've got you covered with traditional Irish recipes and a few fun ones to get you into the shamrock spirit!

Let's kick it off with a fun shot for St. Patrick's Day! The delicious, light, fruity flavor with a creamy background, and of course a little bit of Irish whiskey makes this green shooter go down very easily.


In Ireland, bacon and cabbage is traditionally served as part of a St. Patrick's Day feast. Corned beef is the American version dreamt up by Irish immigrants where beef was a more readily available option. Both are simple and delicious dishes, which are perfect for celebrating all things Irish!


This rich and robust traditional Irish farmhouse dinner is warm and comforting. Succulent beef and tender veggies in a deliciously rich gravy made with Guinness!


You can't go wrong with traditional Irish soda bread on St. Patrick's Day (and don't spare the butter)!

Irish Soda Bread is the product of a time when fancy ingredients weren’t available or affordable, so it’s made with only the most basic ingredients. Legend has it that the cross was cut on the top before baking to ward off the devil and protect the household.

Image Source: Let's Dish Recipes


Shepherd's pie may just be the ultimate Irish comfort food. This recipe is made extra special thanks to a topping of a creamy potato champ mash. Champ is a traditional way of serving mash from the north of Ireland.


What can't the Irish do with the humble potato? For those looking for something a little different, this unique Irish nacho recipe is a fun twist on the typical nacho platter snack! With fried potato slices instead of tortilla chips, an indulgent topping of stout-flavored cheese, bacon, green salsa, and sour cream, they are an ideal munchable for holiday gatherings!


If you've got any room for dessert, these Guinness stout chocolate brownies are a must! Decadent and rich, these brownies have an intense chocolate flavor that gets a boost from stout beer - Yes, beer! The texture is surprisingly light, so these sweet bites will fix a chocolate craving without stuffing you senseless after a big feast!


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