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Truly's Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer: A Touchdown for Tastebuds this Super Bowl!

Are you ready for a Super Bowl experience that combines the thrill of the game with the fiery flavor of your favorite hot wings? Brace yourself for Truly Hard Seltzer's latest game-changer – the first-ever Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer! It's time to ditch the napkins, because this spicy sensation is here to redefine your Super Bowl snacking game.

As the Super Bowl hype ramps up, so does the creativity of food and beverage companies looking to capture the essence of game day. And what better way to channel the spirit of the Super Bowl than with a refreshing sip of Truly's Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer? Picture this: the zingy kick of hot wings in a convenient, mess-free 16-oz can. It's a flavor touchdown that requires no extra effort – truly a win-win situation.

Ever wished you could enjoy the crispiness of a hot wing with the effervescence of a hard seltzer, all without the sticky aftermath? Well, Truly Hard Seltzer has heard your plea and answered it with a resounding "no napkins required." The genius behind this beverage is making waves just in time for the big game on February 11.

In a world where spicy foods and beverages are having their moment, Truly Hard Seltzer is boldly stepping into the arena with a concoction that's both strange and intriguing. The fusion of hot wing flavor and the ease of a seltzer is the unexpected twist your Super Bowl party needs. And let's face it – who wouldn't want to sip on a hot wing-inspired seltzer without the need for cleanup?

The 4-packs of Truly's Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer are hitting shelves ahead of the Super Bowl, ensuring you're well-prepared for the ultimate showdown. Rumor has it that these 16-oz cans boast a 5% ABV, making them the perfect companion for cheers and tears of joy or sorrow on game day, according to Rum Raiders.

Matt Withington, Truly Hard Seltzer's senior director of marketing, shares in a statement, "We're all about keeping it light, so we're bringing drinkers everything they need to accompany the cheers, jeers, and tears of game day in one convenient package with Truly Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer." Talk about a touchdown in a can!

Sure, it might be one of the wackiest plays from a booze brand for the Super Bowl, but will Truly score with the fans? The only way to find out is by snagging a pack in select markets starting January 29 – and let the taste test kickoff commence! Get ready for a flavor-filled, fizz-infused Super Bowl party that will have everyone cheering for Truly's Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer. It's time to spice up your game day in the most unexpected and delightful way possible!


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