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Why You Should Age Your Fruitcake

This traditional cake has a reputation for being edible for years, with a running joke that they never actually get baked fresh every year, they are simply passed on from previous years. As much as they're made fun of, traditional fruitcakes can be absolutely delightful and delicious when prepared correctly!

Fun Fact:

Did you know British royals have been opting for fruitcakes as their wedding cakes for generations, according to Vogue.

According to the magazine, the Prince and Princess of Wales' 2011 wedding featured a fruitcake that reportedly cost $80,000!

The legend of the cake's longevity might be exaggerated, but there is a touch of truth there. Fruitcakes can actually be aged for a very long time, so long as the aging is done correctly. More importantly, they should be aged. 

Spruce Eats suggests that baking a fruitcake is just the beginning. It then needs to be preserved, stored, and tended to regularly for months.

Much like some wines, aging fruitcakes is, first and foremost, for the flavor. Yes, it actually tastes better after aging. Like many culinary creations, aging may have come from a place of necessity.

The fruitcake dates back to the Middle Ages when they were served on special occasions and consisted of dried fruit, spices, and alcohol - ingredients that did not easily spoil and could withstand the lack of refrigeration.

Such ingredients were also expensive and rare, symbolizing riches and success, explaining why Queen Victoria probably chose the fruitcake as her wedding cake!


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