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  • Lynn

Why You Should Brush Your Cheese

A pretty cheese wheel is just a brush away!

Wheels of cheese with brush

If you work in the cheese sector, you likely know mold well. According to an article by Forever Cheese, "for many cheeses, certain strains of mold are added as part of the recipe, while others can develop from ambient molds present in the air of the cave or aging room...While mold can sometimes be an indicator of the condition of the cheese, it does not mean the cheese is bad or past its prime. In many cases, the mold can be cleaned for appearances. Depending on the type of cheese, a brush can be the best tool for the job. It’s amazing how quickly a wheel can go from mold-covered to clean in a matter of seconds."

To make this process easy for their customers, Forever Cheese has released their own cheese brush as well as a video guide outlining which types of cheeses can be brushed and how.

Don't toss that Manchego with a moldy rind....brush it!


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