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  • Lynn

Worcestershire Sauce Is Made From What?!

Whether or not you know how to pronounce it, most of us are familiar with the condiment Worcestershire sauce. Adding a few dashes to your Bloody Mary, mixing it in a meat marinade, or adding to a homemade salad dressing--Worcestershire Sauce has a myriad of uses. It has an umami, slightly sour flavor. But, what is it made out of?...

Worcestershire sauce

Rotten fish juice! Worcestershire sauce is made from anchovies fermented in vinegar. The anchovies soak in the vinegar for about 18 months and slowly decompose into a puree. To this puree, Worcestershire sauce makers add garlic, onions, peppers, salt, sugar and flavorings. It is then diluted with water and bottled. Delicious!

We hope that we didn't ruin Worcestershire sauce for you forever!

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