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Would You Eat a Dish Called "Fly's Graveyard"?

If someone offered you a Fly Graveyard or Cemetery Recipe would you take it? It doesn't exactly sound very appealing, does it? However, it actually is much tastier than it sounds!

If you walk into a Scottish bakery and asked for a piece of Fly's Graveyard, you probably wouldn't be met with a strange look, but rather a slice of tasty pastry properly named: Scottish Fruit Square or Scottish Fruit Slice. This easy recipe of short crust pastry filled with juicy currants and raisins, said to resemble dead flies, is a favorite of the Scots. It will probably be one of yours too, once you take a bite!

Ever-so simple and a lot tastier than its pet-name may suggest, Fly's Graveyard is a melt in the mouth short crust pastry treat, loaded with juicy currants, raisins, and sugar.

This quick and easy recipe is known all over the United Kingdom but is particularly popular in bakeries across Scotland. The filling of Fly's Graveyard is a bit like a quick and easy version of sweet mince pies.


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