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Would You Visit This Toilet Themed Restaurant?

Eat from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal. Modern Toilet in Taiwan brings bizarre dining to a new level of fun!

In the heart of Taipei city, in Ximending, is a dining experience unlike any other. It’s a restaurant/cafe/dessert place themed in a toilet space.

Yep, you read that right. The seats are real toilets, you drink coke out of mini urinals, the tables have toilet bowls with fake poo in them, even the couches are giant toilets!

The food and toilet combination might be pretty disturbing at first and leaves you wondering what toilets have to do with food. In Taipei’s perhaps weirdest restaurant, these two go hand in hand.

What is the Modern Toilet Restaurant?

Everything in this three-story restaurant is based on items from a bathroom: The walls have showerheads, plungers hang from the ceilings, and lights are shaped like feces. The chairs are actual toilets (not operable), dishes are served on mini toilet bowls, and drinks are served in mini urinals which the customers can take home with them as a souvenir!

It all seems pretty whacky, but tourists have raved about the fun experiences they've had at the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei.

It is not unusual for Taiwan to host restaurants with odd themes; Taiwan also has eating spots that resemble jailhouses and hospitals!

Why Eat Out of a Toilet?

Why do we dine in the dark, served by blind people? Why do we go to cat cafes with fur all over the place? Who knows?

Once you forget about the whacky connotations associated with eating out of a toilet, you can actually enjoy the food!

What's On the Menu?

Although you can get hot pot dishes served in a toilet bowl, you probably shouldn't expect traditional Taiwanese cuisine nor Michelin star food quality. However, plenty of reviews claim the food is decent enough to keep up with your ordinary pub and grub food. The attraction is mainly the toilet theme rather than the food itself.

Some of the classic toilet themed dishes include: Toilet Chicken Curry, Toilet Curry Pork Chop, and Thai Toilet Pepper Chicken. You can also choose between varieties of hot pot style soups, such as Japanese, Korean, Sichuan, and vegetarian toilet pot. As all hot pots are served in very photographable toilets, they are clearly the favorites on the menu.

If outlandish food experiences are usually on your trip itinerary, then the Modern Toilet really should be on your list!


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