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Yep, Sprite Can Be Used as a Great Steak Tenderizer

Soda and meat are a match made in heaven! Sounds a little odd, I know.

Next time you're at the grocery store picking up a piece of steak, don't forget to head over to the soda aisle. Nope, it won't be for delicious cocktails, but instead, you're picking out your steak marinade! You're going to need a bottle of Sprite to pair with that sirloin.

Before you completely disregard the possibility of marinating your steak with Sprite, contemplate that it does make some sense considering Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper are used in a variety of marinades and glazes. Soda, including Sprite, can be used as a tenderizer due to the high level of acid in the drink. Sodas contain phosphoric and citric acid, which are both good at breaking down the toughness of the meat. Sprite and its lemon lime flavor, similar to vinegar and lemon juice, make a great tenderizer and also a flavor enhancer.

A viral TikTok video from @yummycookinj9 shows just how to marinate and cook steak with Sprite.

First, the steak is fully submerged in a bowl of Sprite. As the steak sits, you can see the fibers of the meat separating within a few minutes. If you want your steak to be even more tender, you can set it in the fridge for up to two hours. Next, blot your steak with a paper towel, then place it in a hot skillet.

While the steak is searing, sliced butter is doused in the Sprite, set in the pan, and then infused with fresh thyme before basting the meat. Lastly, more Sprite gets added to deglaze the pan and to add lemon flavor.

Is this method delightful or repulsing?

Some commenters appreciated the viral hack, others felt repulsed also pointing out that the Sprite steak lacked any seasoning. If you're curious to try soda as a tenderizer, don't limit yourself to just Sprite. Try out dark colas, such as the classic Dr. Pepper, which pairs deliciously with ribs to create a sticky, sweet sauce!


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