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Cheese of the Week: La Petite Reine Brie

Tis the season of creating your own personal twist of holiday Brie!

La Petite Reine logo by La Petite Reine via their website.

Personalizing a savory appetizer of baked brie can include a wide variety of ideas! Wrapping flaky pastry dough around the soft and creamy cheese and placing it into the oven, topping with cranberries and chopped almonds is just one of the many tasty combinations you can create.

Brie, a soft-ripened cow's milk cheese, originated in Seine-et-Marne, France (an area near Paris). It has a creamy interior with a soft, edible rind of white mold that carries an increasingly earthy flavor with age and enhances your pallet with rich, buttery, and fruity tastes.

Quick fact, traditionally Brie is made with cow's milk, but some varieties use goat's milk.

The earliest form of Brie was allegedly created by accident in the Middle East. The story goes that a nomad filled his saddlebag with milk before embarking on a horseback journey. The nomad's saddlebag was made of animal carcass and lined with rennet (an enzyme also known as rennin or chymosin). The combination of the milk and rennet created a watery liquid (known as whey) as well as solid, white lumps (curds) that was an ancestor, possibly, of Brie.

Now onto the good stuff, La Petite Reine Brie, the handcrafted wheels of decadent and elegant cheese! Full of varietal cultures and careful ripening techniques, made with fresh milk collected daily from dairy farms within a 40km radius, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of their raw material. This brand of Brie carries creamy textures with hints of mushroom and nutty undertones.

Creating endless opportunities for creative dishes, Brie has easily become one my favorite soft cheeses. I enjoy serving it at room temperature with a crispy set of crackers or putting it in the oven with a variety of delicious toppings and serving with a French bread and some wine shared with friends!


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