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Cheese of the Week: Roth Grand Cru

Grand Cru is Roth's signature alpine style cheese, perfect for melting, and available in slices, shreds, pre packaged, and cut & wrap.

Image and Roth logo by Roth Cheese via their Facebook.

This cheese is made with the freshest milk imported in copper vats finely aged 4+ months in their exquisite Roth cellars. This one of a kind robust and full bodied cheese melts beautifully, easily making it a cook's everyday companion!

Pair with fresh apples, pears, grapes to create a sweet and bold combination. Almonds, figs, and cornichons compliment Grand Cru, but imagine the satisfaction of your taste buds when you melt it over a sandwich or maybe even some potatoes! This versatile cheese creates so many opportunities to experiment in the kitchen with!

On the Roth Cru website, there are a few special recipes to create with your own magical touch. Such as, roasted cauliflower mac & cheese, a Grand Cru vegetable frittata, and mini quiches, I don't know about you but I'm starting to get some ideas flowing for my own recipes!

Now I can imagine you're wondering where to buy this delicious cheese, lucky for us it's sold at local stores such as, Shoprite, Acme Market, and even Walmart! You can click this link here to find a location near you for Grand Cru.

Quick fact : Roth Grand Cru has over 200 awards, including World Champion at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest! Their secret to award winning cheese is their local Wisconsin milk from family dairy farmers down the road.

Roth Cheese started in 1863 with 20-year old Oswald Roth, a licensed cheesemaker from Switzerland who founded O. Roth & Cie, a cheese company specializing in producing and exporting Emmentaler. Throughout the years Roth has met every expectation a growing company needs to make its name in the business world.

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