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Discover: The Viral Pancake Cereal Is Finally Here!

A typical breakfast eater morning debate - Cereal or pancakes? Why choose one option when you can have both!

Women-owned, Brooklyn-based company Belgian Boys created the latest breakfast innovation based on a popular TikTok trend - Pancake cereal. It's literally what it sounds like - tiny bite sized mini pancake pieces!

The Belgian Boys began with Skinny and Chubby, 2 childhood friends who grew up in Belgium with delicious European treats. As adults, they moved to NYC where the delicious delights of their youth were nowhere to be found. They dreamed of introducing America to premium, non-GMO ingredients, with just the right touch of home! Thus, Belgian Boys was born - Skinny and Chubby now produce delicious delights for every time of day, from breakfast to dessert, all made in Europe for sharing worldwide!

In terms of pancake cereal logistics, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Unlike regular cereal, pancake cereal must be refrigerated. The adorable bites can also be eaten any way you enjoy your breakfast in the morning! Eat them with some milk for fluffy pancake cereal or top them with syrup or butter - the possibilities are endless!

Thanks to a collaboration between Belgian Boys and Target, you can expect to find some pancake cereal for $5.99 in select Target stores across the country! Specifically, in the refrigerated section.

Only available for a limited time, so be sure to head to get your hands on this TikTok - inspired breakfast!


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