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Ditching Bread for Brine: The Rise of Pickle Sandwiches in New York Delis

Viral New York Deli's Pickle Sandwiches: A Crunchy Twist on Tradition

In the ever-evolving world of food trends, it seems there's always a new culinary craze taking the internet by storm. This time, the spotlight is on an unexpected twist in the sandwich world: pickle subs. Yes, you read that right. Bread has been kicked to the curb in favor of oversized pickles, and the trend is going viral.

jar of pickles

The Emergence of a Trend

The buzz began back in January when Seven Brothers Gourmet Food Market, a quaint Long Island deli, decided to experiment with sandwich innovation. They started serving their subs not between slices of bread but nestled within giant pickles. While the idea was intriguing, it didn't gain significant traction until a food reviewer on TikTok, now known as "Pickle Sandwich Girl," shared her enthusiastic take on these tangy treats in May. Her videos showcasing these pickle-wrapped delights quickly garnered millions of views, turning the quirky creation into an overnight sensation.

"Pickle Sandwich Girl" has continued to share her pickle passion, posting numerous videos of herself enjoying different variations of Seven Brothers' pickle sandwiches. Two of her videos have racked up over four million views each, proving the appeal of this unusual combination. The impact has been substantial for the deli, which reported selling around 250 pickle sandwiches daily by late June. Customers have flocked from neighboring states to get a taste, with the majority being teenage girls, a demographic known for embracing TikTok food trends.

In response to the overwhelming demand, Seven Brothers set up a dedicated line exclusively for pickle sandwich orders, ensuring their regular patrons could still enjoy their traditional bread-based sandwiches without delay.

Interestingly, Seven Brothers is not the first to innovate with pickle buns. Elsie's Sub Shop in New Jersey pioneered the concept, initially operating as a pickle sandwich pop-up before establishing a permanent location in 2019. At their peak, Elsie's sold around 300 picklewiches a day. However, as time passed, the novelty waned, and traditional bread buns reclaimed their status as the default choice. Today, pickle buns remain available at Elsie's as a low-carb option for a small additional charge.

DIY Picklewich: How to Make Your Own

Despite the recent media frenzy, making your own picklewich is surprisingly simple. Numerous websites have shared recipes for these low-carb, flavorful sandwiches long before the current craze. Essentially, all you need is a pickle, sliced in half and hollowed out. Fill the cavity with your choice of cheese and deli meat, then press the halves together to create your very own picklewich.

So, whether you're a trendsetter looking to try the latest food fad or just someone curious about this pickle phenomenon, there's no denying the allure of the picklewich. With its bold flavor and crunchy texture, it offers a refreshing twist on the traditional sandwich, proving that sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that dare to be different.


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