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Fried Hard-Boiled Eggs

Fried hard-boiled eggs sound texturally strange yet delicious. Some people hate hard boiled eggs. I like them, but I can understand why they might turn some people off. On the other hand, I would suggest that people who don’t like hard boiled eggs might want to try these eggs.

At first glance, the “recipe” for making these might seem incredibly obvious and for the most part, it is. Hard boil some eggs and fry them up, right? Nonetheless, if you’re not careful with your technique and cooking times, you can end up with poor results.

This dish is loved from all around the world, from East Timor and Egypt to Thailand and the Philippines. Even now, TikTok is getting in on this delicious fried snack.

TikTok content creator @therealblackamber showed off their deep-fried hard-boiled eggs recipe that has a crispy, golden brown breading, and is served with a hot honey butter sauce.

There's different ways to prepare deep-fried hard-boiled eggs - If you want them to have a crispy breading on the outside, you'll need to set up a section for breading. Since eggs are slippery and slick on the outside, you'll need to pat the shelled boiled eggs dry. Then cover them in flour, shake off the excess, dip them in beaten eggs, then dip them again in the coating of your choice (Italian breadcrumbs, panko, or seasoned flour). Let the eggs sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then deep-fry until golden.

Another way to eat fried boiled eggs is without a coating. Cut them in half or keep them whole, then brown them in a skillet with butter, oil, or ghee, until they start to turn golden and crispy on the outside. The fried boiled egg will still have the same crispy texture, but with the same tender interior and creamy yolk of a hard-boiled egg!


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