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Grave Digger Halloween Cocktail Recipe

In the spirit of spooky celebrations, imagine indulging in a hauntingly delightful potion known as the grave digger Halloween cocktail. With its tantalizing blend of spice, sweetness, and an alluring aroma, this chilling concoction is meant to be savored under the glow of the full moon, as darkness envelops the surroundings, and the eerie shadows play tricks on the mind!

Crafted by the ingenious mixologist Ksenia Prints, the mastermind behind At the Immigrant's Table, this eerie elixir weaves together the smoky allure of mezcal, the fiery kick of ginger beer, the comforting sweetness of honeyed apple cider, and a garnish that pays homage to the infamous poisoned apple from the tale of Snow White. To heighten the eerie ambiance, serving this spine-tingling libation on a tray adorned with faux soil and accompanied by a few squirming gummy worms seems only fitting for a drink bearing the name the grave digger.


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