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Q & A with Gaia Foderaro of Tuttocalabria S.R.L.

Nestled in the sun-drenched toe of Italy's boot, Calabria is renowned for its bold, robust flavors that captivate the taste buds and speak to the soul. At the heart of Calabria's culinary prowess lies a secret weapon, a fiery little gem that has been lighting up dishes for generations: the Calabrian chili pepper. And when it comes to all things Calabrian and spicy, there's one name that stands above the rest, a beacon of authenticity and flavor that food enthusiasts worldwide have come to adore: Tuttocalabria.

Q. What is your passion? Tell us about it.

A. Italian food, especially Calabrian chili peppers.

Q. What inspired you to pursue this passion? Tell us the story.

A. Our story starts in 1970, when my grandfather Antonio created the company. Now the sons and daughters and now the nephews continue this family company. It's truly a blessing and a lovely business.

Q. What makes your creation unique?

A. Our passion and the fact that we are the first authentic company that makes Calabrian chili to be known and appreciated in the world.

Q. Tell us about your creative process.

A. We always aim to communicate the importance of the food and of the raw materials so we collaborate with people who have the same values.

Q. Who is your audience? How do you engage them?

A. Our audience is everyone who loves food, good food. We engage them through our social pages that are very active.

Q. What experience does your passion create? What can recipients expect?

A. It all comes from my grandfather and grandmother who are a big example for me and make me willing to continue what they created. People can except always passion, care for the quality, the people and always a guarantee of a never ending process of improvement.

Q. Where can your creations be found?

A. Online and in physical stores.

Q. What is next?

A. Always trying to surprise with something new with the quality of ever.

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