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Sweeten Mother’s Day with Krispy Kreme’s ‘Minis for Mom’ Collection

As the scent of spring fills the air and Mother’s Day approaches on May 12, 2024, it’s time to celebrate the women who fill our lives with love, wisdom, and endless support. This year, Krispy Kreme is stepping up to sweeten the occasion with a delightful surprise that will leave taste buds tingling and hearts brimming with joy: the Minis for Mom Collection.

Available starting May 6, 2024, these tiny treats, crafted with love are perfect for honoring the maternal figures in your life. From moms to grandmas, and all the nurturing souls in between, these mini doughnuts are sure to bring smiles all around.

Krispy Kreme Mother's Day Collection
Photo: Krispy Kreme Mother's Day Collection By: Krispy Kreme

The collection features three mouthwatering flavors:

  1. Mini Strawberry Iced Heart Doughnut: A mini version of the beloved Original Glazed, dipped in strawberry icing and topped with a delicate heart sprinkle.

  2. Mini Iced Rose Doughnut: Hand-dipped in teal icing and adorned with a buttercreme rose, this mini delight puts a twist on the classic Original Glazed.

  3. Mini Chocolate Cookie Crumble Doughnut made with Oreo: Featuring the signature Original Glazed base, coated in chocolate icing, topped with crushed Oreo cookies, and finished with daisy sprinkles and chocolate buttercreme.

Plus, each 16-count box includes four Mini Original Glazed doughnuts for the purists out there.

Conveniently available in-store, for pickup, or delivery through Krispy Kreme’s app and website, indulging in these treats has never been easier. And for those spontaneous cravings, an 8-pack is freshly delivered daily to select retailers.

So, as you gear up to celebrate Mother’s Day, let Krispy Kreme be your partner in spreading joy and sweetness. Whether you’re sharing a quiet moment or hosting a gathering, the Minis for Mom Collection promises to make the occasion even more memorable.

Because when it comes to honoring the extraordinary women in our lives, a little sweetness goes a long way. Happy Mother’s Day!


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