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There is a "Correct" Way to Eat a Cinnamon Roll, and People Are Furious

When it comes to food hacks, the internet is usually divided. From easily cutting a pineapple to peeling boiled eggs with ease, when social media finds out about a hack, everyone either already knew about it or can't believe they didn't know about it sooner! Typically, I'm always in the latter group, and I'm sure many of you will be there with me with this cinnamon roll hack.

According to the internet, I've been eating them wrong my entire life. Some may argue that there is no wrong way to eat a cinnamon roll, but when I came across this TikTok video posted by @Kroger confirming that there is in fact a right way, my mind was blown.

Personally, my method includes grabbing the cinnamon roll by its sides and administering some enormously large bites. However, in the video we are shown the "correct" way to eat a cinnamon roll would be to unravel it. But more specifically, to unravel it from the center and slurp the entire pastry into your mouth as if it were a bowl of ramen!

Now, excuse me while I head over to Cinnabon to try this viral hack.

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