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These Are Not Your Typical Skewers! Recipes for Summer Grilling

Your grilled called. It's bored. Instead of cooking the same old hot dogs, burgers, and chicken wings at your next summer cookout, how about we try something new, like stuffed mushroom skewers or strawberry shortcake kebabs? The options are endless! And let's be honest, everything is better on a stick.

These stuffed mushrooms are an all-time favorite appetizer! Slide them onto a skewer and pop them on the grill for a unique and savory experience. For a zesty flavor, try substituting chorizo and cilantro for the sausage and parsley.


If you love a sweet and savory combo, these sweet and sour pork with pineapple skewers are going to be your guilty pleasure this grilling season! Meaty, sweet, and smoky, there's flavor through and through in these delicious pork kabobs.


Sweet watermelon and tangy feta cheese is the new tomato and mozzarella. In this easy recipe, rather than just chopping up the ingredients and tossing them with dressing, this flavorful dish begins on the grill!


Everything should be made on the grill in the summertime - even dessert! These strawberry shortcake skewers are just as fun to make as they are to eat. The strawberries become almost caramelized on the grill and burst with fresh, sweet flavor from the heat. The softened strawberries compliment the toasty crust of the soft bites of pound cake deliciously.


Take an all-time favorite summer salad and transform it into a skewer! Bring on the tomatoes, garlicky French bread, basil, and halloumi for these amazing grilled caprese skewers with balsamic glaze.


Blow your guests away with this flavorful recipe for shrimp boil skewers with corn, sausage, and potatoes. Pop them on the grill, lay some newspaper on the picnic table and eat. Low-maintenance, mess-free, and absolutely delicious!


When you bite into these juicy grilled skewers, your eyes will roll to the back of your head with satisfaction! The spicy-sweet sauce is out of this world delicious.


Making these savory bites on a stick are easy! These skewers only require 4 ingredients and take less than 10 minutes on the grill.


Know anyone who isn't a fan of brussels sprouts? Use this tasty recipe to convert them! These delicious little cabbages have an earthy, bright and just slightly bitter flavor that gets elevated when roasted on the grill. This recipe is super easy to make and tastes amazing.


This skewer recipe stings of summer with its bold Caribbean flavors and sweet-tart juicy peaches - tender, ripe, and dripping with nectar. The spicy heat of the chicken with the sweet peaches is incredible. You simply must try this recipe!


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