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Unraveling the Mystery Behind The $500 "Beautiful Princess" Strawberry

When it comes to exquisite caviar, lobster, and rare cuts of meat, people typically expect a hefty price tag. However, fruit might be one of the last things you would expect to break the bank...

Imagine a strawberry that is as big as a baseball and is sweeter and juicier than any strawberry you've ever had in your lifetime. Well, that kind of strawberry actually exists, for $500 a pop!

Japan is renowned for its unique and exquisite culinary offerings, from meticulously crafted sushi to delicate teas. Among its most captivating gastronomic wonders is the Bijin-Hime ("Beautiful Princess") Strawberry.

Japanese strawberry farmer, Mikio Okuda, has been growing strawberries for 45 years with the stable development of his Bijin-Hime ("Beautiful Princess") Strawberry. The farm has perfected the art of cultivating strawberries, creating an unparalleled level of quality and taste. It is this devotion to excellence that gives rise to the hefty price tag attached to their produce.

These rare strawberries, with only 500 grown each year, are produced in the winter months inside greenhouses with perfectly controlled temperature, soil, and light. They're said to have a pleasing juicy texture and a divine aroma that combines the essence of strawberries with a hint of roses. The strawberries are either pollinated by Okuda himself or by honeybees. Even with all of these fine details, it can be hard to imagine spending $500 on a single strawberry.

However, if you asked Chef Paul Hollywood, he would say that the expensive price tag on these strawberries is well worth it! "It makes you really happy. It's like an apple meets a strawberry meets a grape meets a whole bunch of red roses that you smell," he explains in his YouTube series, "Paul Hollywood Eats Japan."

Enjoying a box of Okuda Farm $500 strawberries is more than just indulging in a fruit; it's an experience that awakens the senses and celebrates the beauty of nature's bounty. For those who are willing to invest in this luxurious treat, the satisfaction goes beyond the taste. It's about appreciating the dedication, innovation, and craftsmanship that culminate in every delectable bite.

Japanese attitudes towards gift-giving may determine the importance of these exquisite strawberries. They're not for everyday consumption, they are most likely to be gifts for those who appreciate their value.

Okuda Farm strawberries have become a status symbol, often sought after for special occasions and gift-giving. Presenting a box of these premium berries is a gesture that speaks of opulence and appreciation. Whether celebrating a milestone or expressing gratitude, these strawberries carry an inherent sentiment of luxury and elegance.


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