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Why Do Hot Dogs Come In 10-Packs and Buns In 8-Packs?

When it comes to throwing some hot dogs on the grill, plenty of us know the common and frustrating imbalance of the number of hot dogs versus the number of buns sold in a single package. Anyone who regularly grills has likely questioned why hot dogs often come in packs of 10, while buns are usually always sold in bags of eight.

Hot dogs in buns with ketchup and mustard

You may be thinking it's as simple as the supermarkets hoping to make more money on buns. However, hot dogs and buns have been sold like this since the 1940s. The explanation? It all comes down to practicality.

Like most meats, hot dogs are sold by the pound - with each weighing around 1.6 ounces. A bundle of 10 hot dogs makes a full pound. This made pricing easier for butchers back in the day, and companies have continued selling hot dogs based on how much they weigh per package.

Hot dog buns are most commonly baked on pans that hold eight rolls, in groups of four. This is still the most popular pan size in bakeries, and buns continue to come in packages of eight. However, things may start to change as consumers and companies petition for better balance.

Condiment company Heinz launched a petition to fix this problem, dubbed the Hot Dog Pact! Through, Heinz vowed to "change the hot dog industry for the better" by urging companies to sell these products in even packs. The bread brand Wonder has since joined the fight, beginning to produce buns in packs of 10.

Will more companies follow Wonder's lead to bring relief to hot dog lovers everywhere?


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