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3 Little Pigs Rebrands

3 Little Pigs rebrand

Logo by Three Little Pigs via their website. Plate image by Three Little Pigs via Facebook.

Charcuterie and pâté producer, Three Little Pigs, announced a complete rebrand of their packaging, logo and website in a November 9 press release. With this rebrand, the first in over 25 years, Three Little Pigs aims to cater to a more modern audience.

Three Pigs debuted this redesign on November 9th, with a brand new, modern website designed by Series Eight and logo and packaging design by MoxieSozo. The website features a new color scheme with fresh, contemporary fonts and playful illustrations.

Three Little Pigs logos
Logo source: Three Pigs via their website (

The new Three Little Pigs logo is similar to the previous logo, with three illustrated pigs in a red circle. According to the press release, the new logo "allows the characters of the pigs to stand out. It is complemented with a secondary logo, and prioritization of their English name. With Americans primed for charcuterie and protein as never before, but awareness for liver-based spreads like pâté and mousse low, the more playful design will show the less serious side of Three Little Pigs products and how to enjoy them outside of a formal, charcuterie board setting." The pigs represent the three founders of the company. Maha Freij, President of Three Little Pigs, states in the press release that the logo is representative of the massive growth of the company and the commitment to using the same traditional recipes and techniques that they've been using since 1975.

The new packaging is being debuted on Three Pigs new sliced Jambon de Paris. You can purchase this new product on Three Little Pigs's website, at Whole Foods, Gelson's Market, AJ's, Bristol Farms, and other select specialty retailers nationwide.

I know for sure that this new packaging would stand out to me in the deli aisle! The modern color scheme and simplistic design will definitely differentiate Three Pigs products from other products in the sector that tend to have traditional or vintage-inspired designs. I am looking forward to seeing the future packaging redesigns for their existing products.


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