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Brand Spotlight: La Gruta del Sol

La Gruta Del Sol Manchego

While visiting my local Sprouts Farmers Market, I noticed that a few of my favorite cheeses are on sale from Spanish cheese brand La Gruta del Sol until November 22! I thought this was a perfect opportunity to talk about the brand and their exceptional cheeses.

La Gruta del Sol, meaning The Sun Cave, was created with a desire to bring authentic Spanish cheese and accompaniments to the American market. When traveling regularly to small and large towns alike throughout all of Spain, they focused on the artisans who make these products and the stories they tell, which are backed by hundreds of years of tradition.

La Gruta del Sol specializes in artisanal Spanish cheeses and accompaniments, created using time-honored processes and local traditions. Their products are under strict quality control standards, and the ingredients behind them have been locally sourced or hand-picked for freshness. Most importantly, La Gruta del Sol ensures that the end product is imported and distributed with the highest consideration given to product handling. This ensures that you receive the best quality every time!

When choosing which producers to work with, La Gruta del Sol thoroughly vets each new addition to the line to ensure it fits in with the existing products in a cohesive and pleasing way. This is what makes La Gruta del Sol products truly special--the fact that all of the products in the range can be enjoyed together to create a beautiful and purposeful combination. Combine a few of the products in the line, say their Tres Leches cheese, Marcona Almonds and Fig Cakes, and you've got yourself a delicious Spanish-inspired cheese board. La Gruta's mission is to take everything that is difficult about choosing authentic, imported Spanish gourmet food products out of the process, so that consumers are left with only delicious, high-quality products.

La Gruta del Sol offers Spanish cheeses Manchego, Iberico, Mahon, and flavored sheep's milk cheeses. To accompany your cheese, they also offer fig cakes in a variety of yummy flavors, roasted Marcona almonds, caramelized pecans and caramelized sunflower seeds.

This week at Sprouts, La Gruta del Sol's Truffle Sheep's Cheese, Rosemary Sheep's Cheese, and Tres Leches cheeses are on promotion. If you've never had the opportunity to try out these wonderful cheeses, now is the time!

La Gruta del Sol Sheep's Cheese with Truffle
Image courtesy of La Gruta del Sol.

Sheep's Cheese with Truffle combines two worlds of flavor: the sweet, earthiness of the black truffle and the sheep's cheese, offering endless nuances with fruity, floral flavors and hazelnut, toasted malt notes. The best thing about this cheese is the generous chunks of truffle! Most other truffle cheeses have miniscule specks of truffle, but La Gruta del Sol really delivers the truffle flavor with large, numerous truffle pieces throughout the cheese. Pair this cheese with light accompaniments so the truffle flavor can truly shine! Try sliced baguette, sea salt crackers, Pinot Noir or champagne.

La Gruta del Sol's Sheep Cheese with Rosemary wheels are covered with lard and rosemary and then matured for 6 months to achieve a full fusion of flavors. Even though the rosemary is only on the non-edible rind, the herbal flavor is present throughout the paste. The rosemary flavor perfectly compliments the nutty sweetness of the sheep's milk cheese. This cheese is excellent for herbaceous and savory cheeseboards and is great with La Gruta del Sol Marcona Almonds.

Image courtesy of La Gruta del Sol.

La Gruta del Sol Tres Leches is made from a tantalizing blend of cow, sheep and goat's milk. During its six month aging period, it is hand-rubbed with extra virgin olive oil to provide a depth of flavor and creaminess. Tres Leches is a total show stopper--super flavorful and aromatic thanks to the combination of milks and olive oil bath.

So run, don't walk, to your local Sprouts Farmers Market to get your hands on these delicious artisanal Spanish cheeses!


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