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Charlemagne, Belgian Chocolate with a New Look

Great news! The Charlemagne chocolate factory is getting a new lease of life for its 50th anniversary of existence. In addition to its revisited and modernized packaging, the Liège chocolatier offers a chocolate of exceptional quality, notably thanks to its creation process known as Bean to Bar. A Belgian treat to (re)discover without delay.

Holy chocolate!

Where does the evocative name of this artisanal Belgian chocolate come from? The story goes that Charlemagne was born in a mill in the Liège region. Demolished around the year 1000, it is on its ruins that the farm Charlemagne was then gradually built to take its current form in the 17th century. Three centuries later, in 1974, the Charlemagne chocolate factory was created on this same farm.

Cocoa Beans
Image Courtesy of: Charlemagne

Bean to Bar chocolate

Eager to offer a quality and ethical product with a unique taste experience, Charlemagne is one of the rare Belgian chocolatiers to offer so-called Bean to Bar chocolate (from the bean to the bar). Appearing in the 2000s in the United States, the Bean to Bar concept makes it possible to distinguish Bean to Bar chocolatiers artisan chocolatiers who make their pralines from chocolate bought from a covered store.

Bean to Bar engages the artisan chocolatier to take charge of all the manufacturing stages of a tablet, from the selection of beans to roasting to shelling, kneading, conching, tempering and molding. To taste Charlemagne chocolate is to know the origin of the cocoa, its grape variety and having the guarantee that its producer has been paid the fair price. Of through this commitment and the careful selection of beans, Charlemagne has a range of incredible possibilities in terms of taste like few chocolatiers in Belgium.

Cocoa Beans
Image Courtesy of Charlemagne

Also, the Liège chocolate factory practices cooking the beans at low temperature (below 130°) which releases aromas of rare finesse and preserves the personality of the cocoa. Charlemagne chocolates are low in sugar, composed only of products exceptional natural products chosen with care and passion. Proud of his Bean to Bar method, Charlemagne chooses exceptional flavors and works in complete transparency in an organic approach respectful of the planet which values the product and Human.

An exceptional gourmet range

Charlemagne offers 50 gram square tablets with nine flavors (Grand Cru Black O’Tuma, O’Payo Grand Cru Noir, Chef’s Noir, Guérande Salt Noir, Crunchy Coffee Noir, Cocoa Milk intense, salted butter caramel milk, passion fruit milk and speculoos milk).

In addition to these delicious and crunchy tablets, there is also a weekly planner including seven squares of chocolate to treat yourself every day for a week as well as a box “Fantastic Four” containing twelve squares of chocolate. Charlemagne, they are also gourmet pralines, an Advent calendar which will be released soon and lots of boxes to theme to discover throughout the seasons.


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