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Elevating Your Coffee Experience with Triple Créme

Are you tired of the same old routine of pairing your morning coffee with a plain bagel or a generic pastry? Well, buckle up, coffee connoisseurs, because we've got a game-changing suggestion for you: pair your favorite brew with a decadent triple créme cheese. And who better to guide us through this unconventional yet delightful combination than Laura Downey, the brilliant mind behind Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Company in Connecticut? An exclusive interview at Tasting Table revealed some mouthwatering insights that will revolutionize your coffee routine.

Triple Crème Cheese
Triple Crème Cheese

"I like the idea of a mild, milky cheese paired with coffee, like a triple créme," Downey shared with Tasting Table. "Triple créme has an ice cream-like quality and softens the boldness and bitterness of the coffee." Now, we know what you might be thinking – isn't that a tad indulgent for a morning pick-me-up? Well, fear not, dear reader, because according to Downey, indulgence is just another word for embracing the finer things in life. As she confidently declared, "My best recommendation would be St. Stephen from Four Fat Fowl in New York."

So, why does the lusciousness of triple créme cheeses complement your daily caffeine fix so well? Downey draws a parallel to the age-old practice of adding creamer to coffee. Black coffee, with its robust and bitter notes, may be an acquired taste for some, but many prefer a softer touch. Enter the rich and velvety world of triple créme – a luxurious counterpart to your morning cuppa.

Originating from 19th century France during a time of opulence and excess, triple créme cheeses were crafted for the elite seeking the epitome of dairy luxury. The title of triple créme encompasses a family of cheeses rather than a specific type, boasting an extraordinary softness and richness. Picture this: take the 60% fat content of a typical brie and elevate it to a 75% fat content – that's the magic of triple créme. And here's a fun fact: the 75% fat content doesn't even account for water! In their final form, these cheeses clock in at around 40% fat.

Within the triple créme family, you'll encounter the buttery brilliance of Brillat-Savarin, the iconic Saint-André paying homage to the French town of Saint-André-sur-Orne, and the thin-rind beauty of Boursault. Each bite promises a symphony of textures and flavors, creating a harmonious dance with your favorite coffee blend.

So, if you're ready to elevate your coffee experience and indulge in the decadence of triple créme cheeses, take a leap of faith. Why settle for ordinary when you can savor the extraordinary? Your taste buds will thank you for this morning ritual upgrade, making each sip and nibble a truly luxurious affair. Cheers to breaking the mold and embracing the delectable marriage of coffee and triple créme!

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