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Erath Pinot Noir Review

Bottle image by Erath Winery via their website.

While browsing for a new Pinot Noir to try now that fall is in full swing, I stumbled upon Erath Winery's Pinot Noir. Boasting notes of cherry, cranberry, vanilla and cooked pie crust, I was excited to try it as it could be a perfect cozy wine for autumn and the upcoming holidays!

This 100% Pinot Noir has 13% ABV and is crafted in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. The 2019 vintage was harvested during an especially dry October, lending to exceptional grape quality and wines with a beautiful hue and velvety tannins. Pinot Noir grapes thrive in Oregon's climate, thanks to the breezes from the sea and long hours of warm sunshine. This allows the grapes to slowly develop their distinctive character. According to Erath's website, "Oregon’s Willamette Valley is frequently compared to France’s Burgundy region. In fact, Pinot from Oregon often is closer in style to that of its northern European counterpart than to the sunnier California versions of this varietal." Erath's was the first Pinot Noir from Oregon that I've tried, which now I am surprised about given all the knowledge I've gained about how the Oregonian climate is perfect for Pinot Noir grapes! Now onto the tasting...

On the nose, Erath Pinot Noir is bursting with slightly-sweet aromas of violets, cherry, oak and mild smoke. Upon my first sip, I noticed notes of cherry pie, vanilla, cranberry and a slightly-smoky finish. I really enjoyed the combination of the fruity and pastry flavors with the touch of smoke. When researching this wine, some reviewers said that it was slightly-sweet, but in my experience I'd say this is definitely on the dry side. Smooth tannins and moderate acidity with a medium finish make this an easy-drinking wine that could be enjoyed with a variety of dishes. Although I did enjoy this wine due to its drinkability and delicious flavor profile, it is lighter than I'd like, especially for an autumn or winter-time wine. Instead, I'd bring Erath Pinot Noir along to an early summer get together. I think that if one is new to the world of red wines, this is a great one to start out with due to its light body, fruity flavors and moderate acidity.

Pair Erath Pinot Noir with steak, poultry, veal and salmon. I'd stay away from very rich, heavy dishes or super-sweet desserts which will mask this light-bodied wine. Would also be great enjoyed after dinner. You can buy this Pinot Noir on Erath Winery's website. Drink responsibly 🥂


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