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  • Lynn

Herbaceous Favorites

For National Herbs and Spices Day, I've gathered a few of my favorite herb-y products. These yummy products are a big dill, so next time you're feeling a bit bland, pick up one of these flavor-packed snacks!

"This Temptingly Tangy Dill Havarti Cheese is made with subtle dill infusions, for a gentle hint of incredible freshness that develops more character as it matures. The easy-to-slice Havarti cheese has a soft and creamy consistency, which makes it easy to enjoy. Let the bold and buttery notes indulgently blend in your mouth as the creamy texture almost melts, bite after bite".

This cheese is super creamy and definitely has dill flavor, but it doesn't disguise the taste of the Havarti. This cheese is yummy on its own as a flavorful snack, but the creaminess makes it a superb for melting into various dishes!

"Give your guests something wow-worthy with this delicious blend of delicate garlic, fragrant parsley, and mild chives artfully folded into authentic Gournay Cheese...

Slightly crumbly, but mostly creamy—Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese spreads easily onto your favorite cracker, pairs perfectly with most wines, and complements almost any recipe."

I've never met someone who wasn't obsessed with this cheese. Its garlic and herb flavor is light but recognizable. Paired with the creamy, silky Gournay cheese makes this cheese a true masterpiece. I could eat the whole container with no regrets.

These marcona almonds are roasted then tossed in salt and rosemary. The almonds are buttery with the perfect amount of salt and rosemary flavor. These make for a tasty addition to cheese boards or as an on-the-go snack.

"A classic combination of Greek olives and Feta are the foundation for this tantalizing antipasti salad. A perfect on-the-go snack (packed without brine or oil)".

This mix of feta and olives tossed in olive oil and spices makes a delicious appetizer. Divina suggests stepping it up even further by serving it alongside smoked almonds, hummus and breadsticks.

"Teahive is a 'feel good' cheese. The soothing qualities of tea and the relaxing properties of bergamot combine to produce a lovely cheese with the rich fragrance of orange blossoms in April. Sweet and creamy, this Jersey cow’s milk cheese immediately delights the palate and the complexities of the tea-rubbed rind continue through the finish."

This one is a bit different than the rest of my selections. Rubbed with tea, this cheese has a sweet yet earthy taste that is great for dessert paired with, you guessed it, a warm cup of your favorite tea.


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