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Janet's Finest Compotes Review

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Berries and jalapeño compotes sound weird at first, but when you really think about it, it is pretty genius. Family owned since 1998, Janet's Finest handcrafts sauces from fresh berries and jalapeño peppers. They're available in many flavors, including but not limited to Pomegranate Berry Jalapeño, Cranberry Jalapeño, Mango Berry Jalapeño and Blackberry Jalapeño. I learned about Janet's from seeing their compotes featured on many cheese boards across Instagram. I was instantly intrigued when I found out they have jalapeños in them. They're 100% natural and made with few ingredients: Sugar, berries, all natural pectin, jalapeno peppers and lemon juice.

Janet's Finest Compotes are sold at a few small stores around the United States, but luckily for the rest of the country (including me), they are able to be purchased on their website. I ordered two five ounce jars: one Raspberry Jalapeño and one Blackberry Jalapeño.

I knew that these compotes were popular additions to cheese boards, but before trying I wanted to see what other ways that they can be enjoyed. Their website suggests trying them over cream cheese or brie, in glazes on meat, in vinaigrettes, or spread on bagels or toast. Fans on their Facebook page rave about them paired with cream cheese and also offered suggestions such as using the compotes as a substitute for jelly in a PB and J, mixed in waffle batter, as a cake filling, and even spread on a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. I decided I'd start with the fan favorite: paired with cream cheese on crackers.

As they are made with fresh jalapeños, the compotes definitely pack a spicy punch, yet are still sweet thanks to the berries. As a spice lover, they were definitely spicy enough for me but not too overpowering, which I wouldn't want in a product of this kind. I think that people who are sensitive to spice could still enjoy these! Janet's Finest Compotes are unique takes on regular sauces and jams. They're still sweet enough to be used in ways that regular jams would be used such as in peanut butter and jellies and as a topping on toast but add a unique depth of flavor thanks to the jalapeños. I still don't know if I would be daring enough to put these sweet sauces on a breakfast sandwich 🤣

The raspberry and blackberry sauces both were phenomenal with cream cheese as suggested by Janet's biggest fans. It was like dipping my crackers into a slightly spicy berry cheesecake. I would bet that these sauces would be amazing with cheeses such as goat or a mature brie. As the compotes are full of both sweet and spicy flavor, I would suggest trying them with cheeses that have a lot of character as opposed to milder options so they do not overwhelm the cheese.

I'm looking forward to incorporating the compotes into more savory recipes, such as in meat glazes or in a salad dressing with oil and vinegar. I've never tried a sweet and spicy salad dressing, but I'm definitely into the idea.

Overall, I was satisfied with the amount of spice in these compotes and thought they were really delicious and unique. The natural ingredients really make a difference. The compotes taste fresh and the flavors of the berries and jalapeños really shine. If you're a spice fan and looking for a fun new condiment, I highly suggest you support Janet's Finest Compotes!


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