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Tomatini - The Perfect Summer Drink Recipe

Tomatoes and martinis? Though this sounds like some kind of distant relative of a Bloody Mary cocktail, Tomatinis are a similarly refreshing, savory drink recipe that can elevate an already great evening or simply be the tasty wakeup your Sunday brunches call for.

The textures of Tomatinis are a lot thinner than a Bloody Mary cocktail. They are often served to guests in coupe glasses, elevating the presentation, and instead of a bright red tomato color, drinks are pink and topped with a thin layer of creamy foam.

Made with only a handful of ingredients, even less-experienced bartenders can whip up this interesting drink recipe to serve to impressed guests!

The Tomatini made its grand entrance onto the bartending scene in 2010 by the restaurant group LPM, and its team sought to bring classic Mediterranean ingredients straight into a glass.

Tangy lemons, vibrant tomatoes, vinegar, and Ketel One, create this unique martini mix that can compliment a range of dishes.

To create this zingy martini, grab fresh, juicy tomatoes and get to mixing. Ripe tomatoes will add a kick of tartness while also serving a subtle sweetness that is a significant component of this recipe. Although the original Tomatini recipe calls for Ketel One vodka, use whatever quality vodka you have. Next, you'll need balsamic vinegar; white varieties will keep the drink on the lighter side, but for a heavier mouthfeel, you can try with a dark variety.

If you enjoy an earthier, spicier kick to your drinks, finish the martini off with sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper or create a sweeter cocktail with swirls of honey, agave, or simple syrup. Blend all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice, then strain and serve into chilled glasses.

For garnish, a light touch of ground black pepper or flavored salt to add to the senses, and of course, a cherry or grape tomato on a cocktail stick is a nice touch.

If you enjoy this basic Tomatini recipe, you can also change things up by swapping vodka for gin, using different kinds of tomatoes and garnish, squeezing in a touch of lemon, or adding complimentary herbs (rosemary or basil) to give your unique drink an extra boost of Mediterranean flavor.


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